Why have branded shading systems

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Branded shading systems and other branded pieces of furniture will help build recognition for your brand and business. At Designer Shade Solutions, we can design and install the perfect shading solutions for your restaurant, pub, bar, café and hotel. We offer a wide range of shading systems that can be fully customised to meet your requirements, from printed with your company designs and logos to incorporating lighting and other modern features.

The benefits of branded shading systems.

  • Build brand recognition.
  • Functional and practical.
  • High impact branding opportunity.
  • Cost-effective way to advertise your business.
  • Easily recognised in photos.

By having branded shading systems, any pictures taken by you and your happy guests will display the name of your business, making it quicker to find to those interested in visiting.

Types of branded systems.

Outdoor parasol umbrellas.

Our outdoor parasols are high-quality, durable and stable. These are ideal for commercial establishments, such as restaurants and cafes but can also be used in residential properties. Our modern parasols feature wind resistance and waterproof components plus, can be customised to meet your requirements. These commercial parasols are provided with all required ground fixing footing and sleeves. We can customise light duty parasol umbrellas and wind rated parasol umbrellas.

Side glass screens.

The N11 @ Ashford House retractable fabric roof with custom printing was created by our team at Designer Shade Solutions. For this gastropub, we also created and installed custom printed glass sides. These custom printed glass sides are not only sleek and modern but also make the pub easily recognisable. Their retractable pergola allows their guests to enjoy their outdoor space no matter the weather or season.

These are two of our systems that can include company logos and designs. To find out more about our custom printing, get in touch with our team today. Perhaps you want to know more about our pergolas with retractable roof, we can help too. We can design, create and install a variety of pergola canopies, from retractable and tilting louvre roofs to retractable fabric roofs and even retractable glass roofs. Contact us today for more information.

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