Where to install retractable roof pergolas

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Are you thinking of installing a retractable roof pergola, but you’re not sure where to put it? When it comes to installing retractable louvred roofs, the possibilities are endless, which can make it extremely difficult to decide on a final place. At Designer Shade Solutions, we are a leading designer of bespoke outdoor shading systems, so we understand this struggle. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of places that would be great for installing a retractable roof.

Patio Retractable Roofs

Everybody loves sitting out in their garden on the patio, enjoying a nice cup of coffee, evening meal or glass of wine. Unfortunately, the weather does not always comply, and can be quite unpredictable at times. Why not weatherproof your patio by installing a fully retractable fabric roof system? This will allow you to enjoy your patio all year round.

At the Lost in Brixton café, we installed fully retractable remote controlled roof systems, which can be opened and closed with the touch of a button, allowing guests to enjoy breezy, open-air dining in the summer and warm, cosy dining in winter.

Hot Tub Retractable Roofs

There’s nothing more relaxing than slipping into your hot tub, blasting the bubbles and resting your eyes. However, on a hot summer’s day, it can be dangerous to sit in direct sunshine for a prolonged period of time. Similarly, a sudden, unexpected shower could interrupt your relaxation. An easy way to combat this would be to install a retractable or tilting pergola roof, to shade you from the beaming sun and protect you from light showers.

To find out more about our retractable roofs pergola in London, call us on 0203 978 2450 or email

Outdoor Pool Retractable Roofs

Outdoor pools are fun for all the family, but no one wants to swim when it’s freezing cold outside. By installing a retractable roof pergola over your pool, you can enjoy the fresh summer breeze when it arrives, while also protecting yourself from light showers or hailstones.

Is it too cold to swim? Our pergolas are fully customisable, meaning you can ask us to install heaters to keep you toasty. We can also install LED lights, so you can swim all night!

Indoor Pool Retractable Roofs

Maybe you have a pool inside, but sometimes the weather is just too good to ignore. With a glass retractable roof pergola, you can have the best of both worlds. Why not consider a retractable glass roof, like the one we installed in the Dusk restaurant in Brentwood?

Outdoor Kitchen Retractable Roofs

Cooking can be tedious, especially when you’re waiting for things to bake. However, when surrounded by natural scenery, the experience becomes a lot more enjoyable. Having an outdoor kitchen expands your living space, keeps food smells outside and boosts morale while cooking. Adding a retractable roof allows you to keep the rain out, but also to disperse any smoke from cooking.

Once you’ve decided where your retractable roof is going to go, it’s time to start thinking about what type of roof you’d like. At Designer Shade Solutions, we offer a wide range of roof styles and designs including retractable louvred roof systems with a frame, pitched retractable roof systems, frameless retractable louvred roofs and more.

Start planning and designing your dream retractable pergola roof by speaking with our friendly team today. You can call us on 0203 978 2450 or email us at

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