Types of retractable glass roofs

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Retractable glass roofs are modern multi-purpose sliding glass roof systems. These can be fully customisable and are ideal for both commercial and residential spaces.

With a retractable glass roof, you will be able to maximise natural light and make the most out of stunning outdoor views. These also offer unrivalled flexibility and aesthetics, enabling users to seamlessly transform an open-air area into an all-weather indoor area.

Soliglade Skylights

Soliglade Skylights are versatile retractable glass roofs systems that feature a fully insulated glass roof that gives up to 75% clear open space and insulated comfort when closed. These retractable skylights can be easily connected to the side of your building to extend your current living space and allow for year-round usage of your outdoor area.

ClearSky Skylights

ClearSky glass roof systems feature a clear roof and a SecurTrak™ rail system to easily open or close the roof. ClearSky glass roofs are available in two base models that differ on the angle of the first profile position to the roof: the FB model and the 7B model.

The FB ClearSky model is 90 degrees to the roof whilst the 7B ClearSky model is 70 degrees to the roof. These skylight systems will depend on the span of the roof opening. These also feature a comprehensive range of operating options to better suit your requirements.

Lean-To Glass Structures

Lean-to retractable glass structures require an existing structure to install their wall rails. These will act as part of your existing property, offering a roof or wall cover that is capable of retracting. The Lean-To Glass Structures can be motorised or operated manually, using SecurTrak™ system or TeleGlide™ (Trackless) system for ease of operation.

At Designer Shade Solutions, we can supply 3 base models of the Lean-To structure, from 2 segmented profiles (EL) and go up to 3 segmented profiles (VL). Additionally, we can install a hybrid system that combines freestanding and Lean-To systems.

Free Standing Glass Structures

Freestanding structures function as outdoor glass retractable pergola structures and perfectly complement commercial venues, such as hotels and restaurants. Freestanding or self-supporting glass structures are suitable for outdoor patios and dining areas, offering customers a comfortable outdoor space all year round. These structures use an easy gliding track system to smoothly open and close when necessary.

Wintergarden structures

Wintergarden glass structures are modern glass and aluminium structures that can be fitted as an extension to your property. These offer high thermal efficiency and feature sliding doors and vertical glass. Wintergarden structures provide a comfortable space to enjoy no matter the weather. These can be combined with ventilation and shading systems.

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