Top Retractable Roof Projects by Designer Shade Solutions

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Lost in Brixton retractable roof venue

To celebrate the beginning of a new year, we want to look back at some of our favourite past projects. At Designer Shade Solutions, we create and install a variety of retractable roof systems for homes and commercial spaces all across the country. Here are some of the retractable roofs we’ve installed in the past few years.

Dusk Restaurant & Lounge

The Dusk Restaurant & Lounge in Brentwood features an indoor dining space and an outdoor dining area. This fine-dining multi-cuisine restaurant wanted to maximise its outdoor lounge area and make it waterproof. To offer their customers a comfortable outdoor dining experience, our team at Designer Shade Solutions designed two fully retractable fabric roof systems plus, six sets of our vertical glass systems with a dark metal finish and integrated lighting.

Lost in Brixton

Lost in Brixton sits in the heart of Brixton and it’s known for its tropical and unique surroundings. Lost in Brixton’s goal was hand-in-hand with their jungle theme. They wanted to allow their guests to be outdoors as much as possible. With this in mind, Designer Shade Solutions designed a retractable glass roof system uniquely designed to fit their custom roof. This roof system created large 8m x 8m “windows” open to the sky, allowing their guests to experience as much open-air dining as the weather allowed.

Residential Property

The owners of this residential property wanted a modern and practical cover for their outdoor kitchen. To ensure they could make the most out of their outside kitchen and could use it no matter the weather, our team installed this sleek matte black retractable rolling louvred roof system with glass sides and warm lighting. Not only will they be able to enjoy outdoor dining all year round but will also offer their guests a comfortable outdoor space that can be used all night long.

N11 @ the Ashford House

N11 @ the Ashford House is Wicklow’s newest bar and restaurant that offers delicious food, a fabulous atmosphere and modern surroundings. Their outdoor dining area was in need of a contemporary shading solution to make sure their diners could eat comfortably rain or shine. For the N11 @ the Ashford House, Designer Shade Solutions installed the Cedrus retractable fabric roof system with custom printing and custom printed glass sides. The fabric roof can be easily open and closed to offer a flexible dining experience.

Residential Property

The owners of this residential property were looking for an elegant, stylish and functional shade solution for their balcony. For this property, Designer Shade Solutions installed the Cedrus retractable fabric roof system with Verlass folding glass sides and glass doors. The sleek matte black modern design beautifully contrasts the traditional property architecture, giving it a special look and incredible practicality. The large Verlass glass windows offer a clean design and maximise the panoramic outdoor views.

The Prince

The Prince can be found in Earl’s Court near the West Brompton’s train station. This building is inclusive of not one restaurant but four restaurants, three bars and one of London’s largest pub gardens. For this gastronomic paradise, Designer Shade Solutions installed a 150sqm retractable roof to cover the pub garden. This retractable roof offers a flexible dining experience to The Prince’s customers and guests.

Our team has completed many other projects that we are incredibly proud of being a part of. If you are looking for a bespoke shading solution for your residential space or commercial establishment, feel free to contact our team to discuss your project’s requirements. We can be easily reached on mobile at 0203 978 2450 or by email at

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