Top covered beer gardens in London

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Finding the right London beer garden to meet with friends, family or even as a team lunch with your company might prove to be more difficult than it seemed at first. It gets even more difficult when taking into consideration the changing weather conditions. We recommend choosing a fully covered beer garden or a partially covered beer garden to allow you to fully enjoy your afternoon and/or evening without worrying about the weather.

What is a covered beer garden?

A covered beer garden is an outdoor seating and eating area of a pub or restaurant that has a fixed roof or retractable roof. A fully covered beer garden features a roof covering the full outdoor space whilst a partially-covered beer garden features a roof that does not cover the full outdoor area. These covers are often pergolas with roof. However, more modern spaces feature retractable roof pergolas which are versatile systems that have a retractable roof that can open and close as needed.

Lost in Brixton

Location: Brixton
Capacity: 440 guests

In Brixton, this tropical-themed rooftop paradise boasts a fun and exotic energy no matter the season. Tucked away in the Brixton Market, this hidden gem is sheltered by a custom-designed pergola with a retractable fabric roof made by Designer Shade Solutions for Lost in Brixton.

Our fully retractable fabric roof systems offer a comfortable space to enjoy, no matter the season or the weather. Whether it is winter or summer, guests will be able to eat, drink and dance the night away under the retractable roof system.

The Prince

Location: West Brompton
Capacity: 800 guests

Take a stroll down Lillie Road for a true one-of-a-kind experience. The Prince is made up of four restaurants and three bars and one of London’s biggest covered gardens. The grand pub boasts a modern twist which reflects in its décor and menus. The whimsical ‘woodland’ garden is covered by a custom glass roof pergola made by Designer Shade Solutions.

When the sun is shining, the retracted pergola roof allows air and sunlight to flow through the plant-covered frames. During the colder months, the pergola roofs the area creating a cosy and warm atmosphere so you can forget those winter blues.

The Kings Head

Location: Winchmore Hill
Capacity: 400 guests

The Kings Head is a newly refurbished gastropub that offers a lively setting and a large beer garden. Their garden is partially covered by a wooden pergola with roof, which offers a well-lit shaded area to keep out of the sun. At Designer Shade Solutions, we can design custom roofs for various structures, such as wooden pergolas, including retractable fabric roofs.

Pergola Paddington

Location: Paddington
Capacity: 850 guests

Pergola Paddington is West London’s largest alfresco drinking and dining experience. It comprises three self-service restaurants, two bars and a large pergola. They offer selections of cocktails and draught beers partnered with rotating menus guaranteed to have something for everyone. The pergola roof covers the space and will offer natural light at a lower intensity, making it a great location for any occasion during the spring and summer.

The Beehive

Location: Tottenham
Capacity: 600 guests

Resting in Tottenham, The Beehive is a laid-back traditional tavern with much history. Popular with locals as well as new faces, the venue offers traditional pub grub with a range of your favourite draught beers, cocktails and spirits. The roaring garden is a hit during football seasons – but no matter the season, the heated beer garden is used all year round thanks to its pergola roof which covers much of the space.

You might have a commercial space in London and are looking to install a pergola with retractable roof. Perhaps you want to share with our team your project’s requirements, so we can design and create the perfect shading solution for your space. Either way, get in touch with our team today. Give us a call on 0203 978 2450 or email us at

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