Tilting Louvre Roofs

Innovative, modern and functional outdoor patio solution

An innovative, modern and functional

outdoor patio solution

Our tilting louvred roof pergolas are a modern alternative to traditional outdoor pergolas. Whilst their traditional counterparts offer shade during the warm months, they lack protection from the changing weather conditions. Our modern pergolas are capable of providing shade and offering a fully waterproof pergola roof, in case it starts to rain.

The tilting mechanism also offers exceptional airflow, allowing heat to escape in hot weather. This mechanism enables you to experience outdoor living all-year-round. Our pergolas feature a contemporary design, which provides a touch of luxury and added value to any outdoor space, including in restaurants, houses, cafes and hotels.

Our louvred pergolas offer the perfect balance between aesthetics and function, being suitable for a variety of commercial and residential outdoor areas. These can be combined with side glass screens and heating to create the ultimate outdoor room for year-round enjoyment.

These systems can be installed as an extension of your property or as a standalone outdoor structure. Plus, these can be designed to integrate various architectural designs in line with your requirements. If you require a larger structure, it is possible to link our pergola structures together lengthwise.

For ease of operation, our tilting louvred roof pergolas feature a radio-controlled system, and if preferred, can be equipped with an automated system which is programmed to quickly react to sun, rain and wind. Additionally, colour lighting and heating can be also added.

Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning

Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning

An innovative, modern and functional outdoor patio solution

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