Shading Terms Explained: Canopies, Awnings, Louvre Roofs and More

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Have you been searching for the right shading solution and come across a few unknown shade-related terms? Due to the large variety of shading products available, it is understandable to feel confused about what certain terms mean. Whether you are wondering what is a markisolette or are curious to know more about cassette awnings, today we are explaining it all.

At Designer Shade Solutions, we have been designing and installing shading systems inside and outside the country for over twenty years. We offer a wide selection of outdoor shading solutions for both commercial and residential properties, and our clients can vouch for their fantastic shading systems. So, we are the experts to talk about all things shading systems.

What is an awning?

The term awning relates to a cover that is used to offer shade and keep rain off an outdoor space much like what a parasol is used for. Also known as overhangs, awnings are often fabric covers attached to the exterior of houses and commercial establishments over doorways, windows, decks and patios.

What is a canopy?

Canopies are also roof-like covers that offer some weather protection. Unlike awnings, canopies are most commonly self-supported structures, such as pergolas. By being freestanding structures, canopies are more versatile than awnings. However, both are great shading solutions for your property.

What is a cassette awning?

Cassette refers to the casing or enclosure that stores awnings when fully retracted plus, awning arms and the roller mechanism. There are various types of cassette awnings, including full cassette awnings and half-cassette awnings.

What is a drop arm awning?

Drop arm awnings are fitted around a window frame or balcony. These awnings project away from the surface offering shade at various levels. These can be motorised or can be operated with a handle.

What is a markisolette?

Markisolette awnings are modern and sleek awnings that feature a height-adjustable top that always remains vertical and drop arms on the lower part offers shade and an unobstructed view of the outdoors. These are ideal for shopfronts, hopper windows and more.

What is a louvre roof?

Louvre roofs, louvred roofs or louvered roofs feature horizontal slabs that can be tilted for shade, opened or closed. Our retractable and tilting louvre roofs are available as frameless retractable louvred roofs, retractable louvred roofs with frame and retractable pitched louvre roofs.

What is the best shading system for me?

After reading up on some of the various shading systems available, you might be wondering “what is the best one for me?”. The best shading solution for your property will depend on your shading, function and design requirements. Bespoke shading solutions can also be an option. Contact our team today to discuss your project’s requirements.

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