Retractable Roofs – Your Questions Answered

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Have you always wanted to install a retractable roof in your home? At Designer Shade Solutions, our retractable roof specialists can design and install the perfect retractable roof systems for your garden, terrace, patio or any other outdoor space you might have. Our innovative and modern retractable roofs will offer cover from the changing weather conditions and will allow you to make the most out of your outdoor space rain or shine.

To find out more about retractable roofs, continue reading below. To speak to one of our specialists, feel free to call us on +44 (0)203 978 2450 or email us

What are retractable roofs?

Retractable roofs are roof systems that feature retractable slabs. At Designer Shade Solutions, our retractable roofs also feature tilting slabs. This means that our retractable roofs not only can be closed or open, depending on your requirements, but the slabs can also be tilted to offer shade during warm, sunny days.

Retractable roofs are available as frameless retractable roofs, retractable roofs with frame, retractable glass roofs, retractable fabric roofs and much more. Our retractable roofs can be installed in the middle of your outdoor space, such as terrace, patio or garden, or attached to your property to extend your living space. Our systems can also be integrated into your property to offer comfort and versatility.

Are retractable roofs customisable?

Our retractable roofs are fully customisable. We offer lighting, heating, glass side screens and many other add-ons to personalise your retractable roofs. Bespoke retractable roofs can also be designed to your shade and design requirements.

How does a retractable roof work?

Our retractable roofs feature the latest radio-controlled systems and can also be customised to react to different weather conditions. Retractable roofs are easy to use and simple to operate, offering you a hassle-free shading solution for your outdoor space.

How to build a retractable roof?

If you want to create a retractable roof for your home, the best solution is to contact our team of specialists. We will be able to work closely with you to design the perfect retractable roof for your home, and then, our team will also install it. So, forget about building a retractable roof yourself and get the professionals to take care of everything for you.

How much does a retractable roof cost?

Retractable roof prices change from project to project. The price will vary depending on the type of retractable roof, materials, controls and any other customisation option that you might choose. So, contact our team today and let’s discuss your project’s requirements.

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