Retractable roofs in York

Innovative retractable and louvered roof systems.




Looking for retractable roofs in York? At Designer Shade Solutions, we can put together the perfect retractable roof to provide shade and weather protection for commercial spaces and residential properties. We can install standard shading systems or create fully bespoke shading solutions to match any and all requirements. Contact our team today for more information.

We can customise a variety of shading systems, including frameless retractable louvered roofs, retractable pitched louvered roofs, retractable fabric roof systems, retractable glass roof systems, external blinds and many other awnings. Our retractable roof systems can be combined with heating, lighting and side glass screens to create a fully weatherproof space.

These are suitable for gardens, terraces, patios, pool rooms in houses, hotels, cafes, restaurants and other spaces that want to maximise the use of their outdoor area. These retractable roofs can be installed in the middle of an outdoor space as a centrepiece to enhance the area or attached to a property to extend the current living space.

For larger outdoor spaces, multiple retractable roof systems can be installed side-by-side or we can create custom systems to meet your requirements. For instance, the bar Lost in Brixton had a custom design roof which required a bespoke retractable roof to cover the full length of the bar, providing their guests and visitors with the perfect outdoor/indoor area.

Even if you are looking for retractable roofs outside York, our team can help too. Our team can meet with you or your design team anywhere in the country to bring your shade system to life. So, if you are searching for retractable roof in Leeds, retractable roof in Manchester or retractable roof in Sheffield our team will be able to help. Simply get in touch today and let’s discuss your project.