Retractable roofs in Woolwich

Retractable roof systems tailored to suit your requirements.




Want a retractable roof for your property in Woolwich? We will be able to design and install the perfect retractable roof system for your home, office or commercial space. You might be looking to install a retractable roof at your property overlooking Woolwich Common or you might want a retractable roof for your restaurant close to Woolwich Arsenal. At Designer Shade Solutions, we can install a shading solution anywhere in Woolwich. So, get in touch with our team today on 0203 978 2450 or at and let’s discuss your project’s requirements.

We can design custom retractable roof systems or install a wide range of retractable roofs. Some of the retractable roofs that we install include retractable fabric roofs, frameless retractable roof systems, retractable pitched roof systems, retractable roof systems with frame and retractable glass roofs. Our retractable roof systems can be fully customised to meet your requirements. Bespoke retractable roofs are the best solution for those with specific function, design and shade needs.

Our team has designed and installed a large selection of bespoke retractable roofs all across the country. The retractable fabric roof systems installed at the Lost in Brixton are a great example. Our team produced a retractable roof uniquely designed to fit the Lost in Brixton’s custom-designed roof. With a retractable roof, this jungle-themed bar can maximise their space and offer their visitors open-air dining during summer and a comfortable space to dine during winter.

London retractable roofs are perfect for both commercial and residential outdoor spaces. Terraces, patios, gardens and balconies can all be enhanced with a retractable roof. Retractable roofs can be installed as self-supporting structures or attached to properties as extensions. As self-supporting structures, retractable roofs can act as centrepieces in the middle of outdoor areas or can be used to define and highlight certain outdoor spaces, such as outdoor kitchens and outdoor dining areas.

Want to cover larger outdoor spaces? Our retractable roof systems can be linked together endlessly side-by-side to provide shelter to large outdoor areas. So, no matter how large or how small your outdoor space is, our team will be able to design the right shading solution to suit your project. Even if you require a retractable roof outside Woolwich, we can help. Searching for a retractable roof in Shepherd’s Bush or a retractable roof in Isle of Dogs, get in touch. Contact us today.