Retractable roofs in Victoria

Bespoke retractable roofs for commercial and residential properties.




Searching for the right retractable roof for your property in Victoria? Whether you have a commercial establishment near Victoria Station or need a retractable roof for your building near Eaton Square Gardens, we will be able to help. Our shading specialists have been creating and installing retractable roof systems for properties in London and all across the country for years, so we have the experience and expertise to complete your project. Contact our team today for more information. 

We have installed retractable roofs in residential properties, including this retractable fabric roof with folding glass sides and glass doors as well as commercial buildings, such as the retractable roof systems installed at the Lost in Brixton. For this bar, our team designed and installed custom retractable roofs to perfectly suit their custom-shaped roof.

Besides our bespoke retractable roofs, we can install a wide selection of standard retractable roof systems. This includes retractable fabric roofs, frameless retractable roofs, retractable glass roofs, pitched retractable roofs and retractable roofs with frame. These systems can be fully customised to meet your requirements.

Our London retractable roof systems can be installed in the centre of your outdoor space to define focus areas, such as dining spaces and entertainment hubs. Our systems can also be attached to your property to extend your current living space and offer a seamless transition from indoor living to outdoor living.

Do you require a retractable roof outside Victoria? We can help with retractable roofs no matter the location. So, if you need a retractable roof in Chelsea or a retractable roof in Waterloo, get in touch with our team. Call our team today on +44 (0)203 978 2450 or email at to discuss your project with our experts.