Retractable roofs in St John's Wood

Fully customisable retractable roof systems.




Looking for a retractable roof for your property in St John’s Wood? At Designer Shade Solutions, our team of shading specialists will be able to design and install the right retractable roof for your home, office or commercial establishment. Do you need a retractable roof for the outdoor space of your restaurant near Regent’s Park? Are you searching for a retractable roof to cover part of your home’s patio? Either way, we will be able to help. We will create the perfect bespoke retractable roof for your property. So, don’t wait any longer, contact our team today to discuss your project’s requirements.

We can install a variety of retractable roofs for your property, including retractable fabric roof awnings, frameless retractable louvered roofspitched retractable roof systemsretractable glass roofs and retractable louvred roof systems with frame. These modern retractable systems will enhance any property and give you the flexibility to enjoy your outdoor space rain or shine.

Our retractable roofs can be fully customised and custom made to meet your requirements. A great example of a bespoke retractable roof is the custom-made retractable roof made for Lost in Brixton. Our team had to create a retractable roof system to fit their custom-designed roof. Roofs can be complemented with integrated lighting, heating and side-glass screens.

These modern systems can be installed as self-supporting structures in the middle of gardens, terraces, patios or any other outdoor space. As a self-supporting structure, our systems will define outdoor areas, such as dining areas and entertainment spaces. Our retractable roofs can also be attached to properties to act as an extension to one’s living space.

To offer shelter to larger areas, our systems can be linked together endlessly. So, whether you need a retractable roof for your hotel’s terrace or a retractable roof for your home’s balcony – we will be able to help. Even if you require our expertise outside St John’s Wood, we can help too. If you need a retractable roof in Wembley or retractable roofs in Limehouse, contact us today. We can be reached on 0203 978 2450 or at