Retractable roofs in Reading

Retractable roof systems and bespoke awning solutions.




Are you in search of a retractable roof in Reading? Designer Shade Solutions can build an effective retractable louvered roof for your home, office or commercial establishment. Whether you want a custom shade or a standard outdoor awning, we specialise in and offer a wide range of deluxe retractable roofs in Reading that you can choose from. Contact our team today and explore the dream retractable roof pergola of your house.

At Designer Shade Solutions, we have years of expertise in designing exquisite retractable louvered roof systems with frame, frameless retractable louvered roofs, pitched retractable roof systems, retractable fabric roof awnings, retractable glass roofs, among a wide range of other prestigious retractable shading solutions. Maybe you’re looking for something that can be tailored to meet your unique needs? We have already covered you; our retractable roof pergolas can be tailored to suit your unique design and function criteria and can be installed as an addition to your living space or as a stand-alone outdoor structure attached to your existing property.

In addition, our luxurious shade systems can also be combined to cover large open areas, such as restaurant terraces, including the fully retractable roof systems we designed at the Lost in Brixton café.

Our retractable pergolas can be fitted with LED lighting, outdoor heating and retractable and/or tilting side glass windows and doors to create the ideal outdoor escape that provides the comfort of being indoors with the benefits of being outdoors. Under a protected outdoor structure, experience the wonders of outdoor dining and entertainment, protecting you from the changing weather conditions. For more details, get in contact with our team.