Retractable roofs in Putney

Use your outdoor space all year round with our modern retractable roofs.




Do you want a bespoke retractable roof in Putney? At Designer Shade Solutions, we create custom-made retractable roof systems for homes, offices and entertainment spaces in Putney and in areas all across London. Do you have a restaurant in Putney High Street and want your visitors to enjoy their meal outdoors comfortably? Do you want to experience your outdoor space no matter the weather? A retractable roof system is the perfect solution. Contact our team today.

Want a retractable roof for your hotel’s terrace which overlooks the River Thames? Do you have a lovely outdoor space in your Putney home and want to use it all year round? Our shading specialists will be able to create the ideal shading system to allow you to make the most out of your outdoor area and ensure you and your guests can use enjoy it, rain or shine.

We can offer a variety of shading systems to suit your property, including retractable and tilting louvre roofs, retractable fabric roof system awnings, retractable fabric awnings, retractable glass structures, external screen blinds, vertical glass systems and many other innovative systems.

We have available standalone systems which can be installed in the middle of your outdoor space; shading systems that can be attached to your property as an extension to your space; as well as retractable roofs that can be integrated with your current property. Our systems can even be linked together side-by-side endlessly to protect large outdoor areas from the changing weather conditions.

You might be looking for retractable roofs outside Putney. If that’s the case, our team can help too. We can create retractable roofs in London and all around the country, so if you are searching for retractable roofs in retractable roofs in Chelsea or retractable awnings in Liverpool, contact our team today. We can be easily reached via email at or on mobile at +44 (0)203 978 2450.