Retractable roofs in Peterborough

Outdoor weatherproof shading solutions.




Do you require a retractable roof for your Peterborough property? Our team at Designer Shade Solutions will be able to create the right shading solution for your home or commercial space. We have installed standard retractable louvered roofs and created fully bespoke shading solutions for properties all across the country. Get in touch today and let’s discuss your shading requirements.

We can install a variety of retractable shade systems to perfectly suit your property, including frameless retractable louvered roofs, retractable pitched roof systems and framed retractable louvered roofs, retractable fabric roof systems, retractable glass roof systems and more. In addition to these, we also have available a variety of external blind systems and vertical glass systems.

Our retractable roofs can be combined with heating, lighting and side glass screens to create the ultimate indoor/outdoor experience which will provide you and your guests with a comfortable outdoor space to enjoy no matter the weather. These retractable roofs are operated by radio-controlled systems that can be automated to react to the weather conditions.

These retractable louvered roof systems can be installed as standalone structures in terraces, patios and gardens or attached to properties as an extension to living spaces. These are the perfect additions to properties that want to make the most out of their outdoor spaces. A good example is the Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood, where we installed fully retractable fabric roof systems with vertical glass systems for a complete weatherproof space.

Perhaps you have been searching for the right shading solution for your property near Peterborough, we can help too. So, if you are looking for retractable roofs in Cambridge or retractable roofs in Milton Keynes, get in touch with our team today. We can be easily reached at Alternatively, give us a call on 0203 978 2450.