Retractable roofs in Limehouse

Fully weatherproof bespoke retractable roofs.




Searching for the right retractable roof for your Limehouse property? At Designer Shade Solutions, we will create and install a custom retractable roof to perfectly suit your property. Whether you need a retractable roof for your converted warehouse studio or want a retractable roof for the pub garden of your lovely waterfront pub, we are the right specialists for the job. No matter where your property is in Limehouse or the type of retractable roof you require, we will be able to help. Contact our team today to discuss your project’s specifications.¬†

At Designer Shade Solutions, we can install a variety of different innovative shading systems. Our range includes pitched retractable roofs, frameless retractable roofs, retractable roofs with frame, and more. We can also install retractable fabric roofs and retractable glass roofs. In addition to these systems, we can also install retractable fabric awnings and external blinds.

Want to customise your retractable roof? You can do that too. You might want to add integrated lighting for a more inviting ambience and to allow you to enjoy your retractable roof no matter the time of day. You might want to combine outdoor heating and side glass screens – your choice! Our retractable roof systems are fully customisable. Our team can work closely with you or your design team to bring your vision to life.

Retractable roof systems can be installed in commercial establishments, such as restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes and pubs, as well as residential properties. These shading systems are ideal to offer shelter and shade to outdoor pools, dining spaces, and entertainment areas. We have installed many retractable roofs throughout the years, including the retractable roofs at N11 @ Ashford House. For this establishment, we installed the Cedrus retractable fabric roof system with custom printing and custom printed glass sides.

Our retractable roofs have been installed all across the country. So, whether you are in London or outside London and are looking for a retractable roof – we will be able to help. You might be searching for retractable roofs in Pimlico or retractable roofs in Wimbledon. Stop the search, simply contact our team today for more information. We can be reached on 0203 978 2450 or at