Retractable roofs in Leeds

Retractable roof pergolas and custom-made shading systems.




Searching for retractable roofs in Leeds? At Designer Shade Solutions, we can work with you and your design team to create the perfect retractable louvered roof system for your house or commercial space in Leeds. Whether you require a frameless retractable louvered roof to act as an extension to your living space or want to provide your guests with a comfortable outdoor space that they can enjoy all-year-sound – our retractable roofs are the solution. Contact our team today to discuss your project.

Our retractable roofs can be customised to meet your requirements. You might want a framed retractable roof, a frameless retractable louvered roof or a retractable pitched roof system. These systems will offer provide you with a functional and stylish shading solution. Additionally, we also have available other shading solutions, including retractable glass roof systems, retractable fabric awnings, retractable fabric roof systems, external blinds and other awnings.

For a complete weatherproof outdoor space that offers the comfort of being indoors, customise our systems with heating, side glass screens and lighting. Our retractable roofs come with easy-to-use radio-controlled systems, including remote controls, computerised systems and hardwired switches on walls, which can be automated to react to the different weather conditions.

Even if your property is located in the suburbs or in areas nearby, our team can help. So, if you are looking for retractable roofs in Sheffield or retractable louvered roofs in Manchester, don’t hesitate to contact our team. Our retractable roofs can be installed as standalone structures in the middle of your outdoor space as a centrepiece or attached to your property.

Even if you need retractable roofs in London, we can help. We have created plenty of London retractable roof solutions, with the Lost in Brixton being a great example – we created a retractable roof to fit their custom-designed roof in order to give their guests the best experience possible, allowing them to enjoy this themed bar no matter the weather. Give our team a call today on 0203 978 2450.