Retractable roofs in Greenwich

Custom made fully weatherproof retractable roofs.




Searching for a retractable roof for your Greenwich property? At Designer Shade Solutions, we can design, create and install bespoke shading solutions to suit your requirements. Do you require a retractable fabric roof for your commercial space near the O2? Are you looking to make the most out of your stunning rooftop area that overlooks the Thames? Our retractable roofs in London are the answer. Contact our team today to discuss your project’s details.

With a retractable roof, you will be able to enjoy your outdoor space no matter the weather. We can install a variety of retractable systems, including retractable and tilting louvred roofs, retractable fabric roof systems, retractable fabric awnings, retractable glass roof systems and even vertical glass systems. These will enhance your property and allow you to maximise your outdoor space.

In addition to these systems, our team can create bespoke solutions tailored to suit your shading and design requirements. We can design the perfect retractable roof for your property. A great example of our bespoke work is the retractable roof systems installed at Lost in Brixton. We are proud to have worked with Lost in Brixton to create a custom-made retractable roof system that was uniquely designed to fit into their custom roof.

Our retractable roofs are innovative and modern shading solutions that will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space no matter the weather. If the weather is nice, you can easily open the roof of our retractable roofs. If the weather quickly turns, you can quickly close the roof and still comfortably enjoy your outdoor area. Some of our retractable roofs also feature tilting slabs which are ideal for those sunny days where a bit of shade is needed.

You might even require our expertise outside of Greenwich. If that’s the case – our team can help too. We have installed retractable roofs all across the country (and internationally!). So, if you require retractable roofs in Shoreditch or retractable roofs in the Isle of Dogs, get in touch with our team today. We will be able to take your property to the next level with a custom-made retractable roof system. Contact our team today on mobile at 0203 978 2450 or email at