Retractable roofs in Gloucester

Retractable and tilting louvered roof systems.




Do you need a retractable roof in Gloucester? We offer a range of shading solutions for domestic properties and commercial buildings here at Designer Shade Solutions that can be customised to suit any property. Our retractable roof experts will work with you and your design team with years of experience and profitable projects to precisely create the correct shade solution to fit your home or business space perfectly. Please contact our team for pricing and further inquiries concerning our retractable roof pergolas in Gloucester.

The shading solutions that we specialise in, which can be customised to suit your unique design and function requirements include retractable louvred roof systems with frame, frameless retractable louvered roofs, pitched retractable roof systems, retractable fabric roof awnings, retractable glass roofs, among many other sumptuous shading solutions. Our wide range of retractable roofs in Gloucester are ideal for any outdoor environment, including, but not limited to, terraces, patios, gardens, balconies and more.

In your outdoor space, you can create your preferred retractable roof as an extension to your current property or as a separate building. Moreover, our luxurious shading systems can also be combined to cover wide open areas, such as restaurant terraces, such as the fully retractable roofing systems designed by our shading solution experts at the Lost in Brixton Café.

For simple, trouble-free operation, our retractable roof structures are equipped with the newest radio-controlled systems. They can also be automated in order to adapt to changes in weather conditions, if appropriate. Why don’t you get in touch with us to explore a large range of retractable roofs in Gloucester? We look forward to working with you.