Retractable roofs in Derby

Bespoke retractable louvered roofs.




Looking for retractable roofs in Derby? Designer Shade Solutions will efficiently create the perfect retractable louvered roof for residence, office or commercial use, whether you’re looking for custom outdoor blinds or luxurious outdoor awnings. We specialise in shading solutions that can be customised for domestic and commercial properties to suit any property of your choice. Get in touch with our team to discuss today’s ideal retractable roof pergola for your Derby property.

We have a wide range of retractable awnings from which you can select and then modify to fit your needs. This collection includes retractable louvred roof systems with frame, frameless retractable louvered roofs, retractable fabric roof awnings, retractable glass roofs and pitched retractable roof systems. Our customers’ needs are vitally important, which is why we specialise in creating custom retractable roofs that combine elegance and luxury with function. These are elegant, beautiful and extremely practical structures that enhance your property’s appearance, plus provide a weather-shielding shelter that is effective for use throughout the year.

 We are confident that we have the ideal retractable roof structure for you in Derby. Designer Shade Solutions’ retractable louvred roofs can be installed as a separate structure or as an addition to your intended destination. Our retractable roofs are the perfect outdoor shading solutions for terraces, patios, balconies, gardens, and more. 

To protect vast sections from changing weather patterns, many systems can be connected together. With our deluxe, retractable awnings, you and your guests can feel the pleasure of an indoor atmosphere while enjoying breathtaking outdoor views. For London companies and individuals, we have supplied a number of retractable roof systems to make the most of their indoor/outdoor areas, including the retractable fabric roof systems at Lost in Brixton.

Our revolutionary retractable roofs are great at making the most of your outdoor space; if it’s raining, the roof can be closed, and if it’s sunny, the roof can be easily opened. Get in touch with our team for more information.