Retractable roofs in Bournemouth

Fully weatherproof retractable roof systems.




Searching for retractable roofs in Bournemouth? Whether you want tailor-made external blinds or a deluxe outdoor awning, Designer Shade Solutions will readily design the ideal retractable louvered roofs for your home, office or commercial setting. We specialise in shading solutions that can be personalised to fit any property of your choice for domestic properties and commercial buildings. Contact our team today to discuss the perfect retractable roof pergola for your property in Bournemouth.

Our extensive range of retractable awnings includes retractable louvered roof systems with frame, frameless retractable louvered roofs, retractable fabric roof awnings, retractable glass roofs and pitched retractable roof systems, all of which can be personalised to meet your requirements of feature and design. These are innovative, elegant and extremely functional structures that will enhance the appearance of your property and provide a weatherproof shelter that can be used throughout the year.

We specialise in producing completely customizable retractable roofs that combine elegance and luxury with function, being suitable for any outdoor environment, including, but not limited to, terraces, patios, gardens, balconies and more. Additionally, they can be built in your outdoor space as an addition to your current property or as a standalone structure. If your personal or commercial property is a much larger area, our shading systems can be intertwined side-by-side endlessly, then there is no need to worry.

Our retractable pergolas can be fitted with LED lighting, outdoor heating and retractable and/or tilting side glass windows and doors to create the ideal outdoor escape that provides the comfort of being indoors with the benefits of being outdoors. A great example of the ultimate indoor/outdoor retreat we can offer your company in Bournemouth is the retractable roof systems with vertical glass systems that we installed at the Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood.

Enjoy the pleasure of outdoor dining and entertainment in an outdoor structure that is reliable and luxurious. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more about our broad range of retractable roofs in Bournemouth.