Retractable roofs in Bristol

Retractable roof pergolas and bespoke shading solutions.




Looking for retractable roofs in Bristol? Designer Shade Solutions can create the perfect retractable awning for your property in Bristol, whether it is a residential property or a commercial establishment. Our team can put together standalone retractable louvered roofs for your home or several retractable shading solutions for large commercial projects. Contact us today for more information.  

Our collection of retractable roof systems includes retractable roofs with frame, frameless retractable roofs and retractable pitched roof systems. In addition to this, we can also put together retractable fabric roof systems, retractable fabric awnings, retractable glass roof systems, external blinds and many other shade and weatherproof systems. We can also create bespoke shading solutions to meet any and all function and style requirements you may have.

All of our systems can be further enhanced with lighting, heating and side glass screens to create the ultimate outdoor retreat that offers the comfort of an indoor space combined with the advantages of being outdoors. The retractable fabric roof systems combined with vertical glass systems at the Dusk restaurant in Brentwood are a perfect example of this ultimate retreat. By combining these two systems, the restaurant offers customers a comfortable space to dine all-year-round.

These retractable systems can be operated by a variety of easy-to-use controls, including hardwired switches on the walls, remote controls and computerised systems that can be integrated your building management system. If required, our systems can also be automated to react to the weather changes.

Whether you have a home in Clifton or a hotel near Stoke Bishop, our team will work with you or with your design team to put together the right retractable roof to suit your requirements. Even if you require our assistance and expertise outside of Bristol, we can help. So, no need to search for retractable roofs in London or retractable roofs in Birmingham, simply give our team a call on 0203 978 2450.