Retractable roof in Worcester

Create ultimate relaxation with a retractable roof pergola




Do you need a versatile shading structure in Worcester? Have you considered a retractable roof pergola? At Designer Shade Solutions, we provide a wide range of pergolas with retractable roofs ideal for outdoor comfort and relaxation all year round. Contact us today to find out more about our products and services, as well as our additional bespoke features. 

One of our popular products is the retractable and tilting louvre roofs, ideal for relaxing outside all year round. These structures can tilt to create shade, open for maximum sunlight or close to shelter from rain and wind. Install one of these louvre roofs as a stand-alone piece or as an extension to your property. They are a great addition to any hospitality outlet, creating a modern and inviting element for customers. 

Alternatively, we also provide retractable fabric roofs which can also open and close depending on the weather conditions. These roofs are available in all RAL colours, allowing you to customise your retractable roof to match your design ideas. Further customisation can be aided by our other bespoke features including heating systems or lighting to increase warmth and comfort. The Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood used a fully retractable fabric roof with vertical glass systems to create an alfresco dining experience for customers. This meant The Dusk Restaurant could accommodate more guests, allowing them to relax outdoors in every season. 

So, do you need a shading structure for your hotel by Worcester Cathedral? Perhaps you have a café nearby Worcester Woods Country Park that would benefit from a retractable louvre roof? Maybe you live next to Greyfriars’s House and Gardens and want a retractable glass roof? Whatever you have in mind, our team at Designer Shade Solutions can help to construct your ideal shading structure. 

Call us today on 0208 145 6216 or email us at to find out more about our retractable roofs UK. We have been creating and installing these structures for over 20 years providing us with an abundance of knowledge and expertise and would love to help you enjoy your outdoor space all year round.