Retractable roof in Whitton

Use your outdoor space all year round with a retractable roof.




Does your Whitton property need a retractable roof? At Designer Shade Solutions, we can create a custom retractable roof to suit your house, flat or commercial space. We have designed and installed a plethora of retractable roofs in London and outside of London, including the retractable roof systems at Lost in Brixton. We will work together with you and your design team to create the perfect shading system for your property. Contact us today.

Perhaps you have a home near Hanworth Road and want a simple retractable roof to cover your patio space. Maybe you have a commercial space overlooking Hounslow Heath and want a retractable roof in your outdoor area to ensure your guests can enjoy this space all year round. No matter the reason, we can help. We have over twenty years of experience and a team of retractable roof specialists who will put together the perfect roof.

Our systems can be fully customised to meet your requirements. Perhaps you want a retractable roof with lighting to allow you to enjoy late evenings outside. Maybe you want a retractable roof with side glass screens to ensure you can be outside no matter the season. These features can complement any of our systems!

We can install a variety of retractable roofs in London, from retractable fabric roofs and retractable glass roofs to retractable and tilting louvre roofs and frameless retractable roofs. These feature a modern and innovative retractable roof that can easily open and close depending on your requirements (and the weather!).

Even if you have a property outside Whitton, we can help. We have installed countless retractable roofs around London and in the surrounding areas, including the fully retractable roof systems and vertical system at the Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood. Additionally, we have installed a stunning retractable roof system with lighting and glass ends at a residential space in Woodford Green.