Are you looking for a retractable roof in White City? At Designer Shade Solutions, we can design and install the perfect retractable roof for your property in White City. Perhaps you have a flat overlooking the Japanese garden at the Hammersmith Park and are looking to add some shade to your patio. Maybe you have a commercial establishment near the Television Centre and want to offer your guests a comfortable outdoor space. Get in touch today by calling 0203 978 2450 or emailing

We can install a wide range of retractable roofs, from retractable and tilting retractable roofs and retractable fabric roofs to retractable glass roofs and even retractable fabric awnings. These systems can be customised to meet your requirements. Whether you want a retractable roof with lighting or a retractable roof with lighting and heating, we can put together the perfect shading system for your outdoor space.

These retractable roofs can be installed as standalone structures in the middle of gardens or covering outdoor dining spaces as well as installed attached to the property as extensions. When acting as an extension, our retractable roof pergolas provide a seamless transition from indoor living to outdoor living.

Looking for a pergola with retractable roof? Perhaps a gazebo with retractable roof? Or maybe a wooden pergola with a retractable roof? No matter your project’s requirements, we can work together with you and your design team to come up with the right retractable roof for your property. Plus, our systems can also cover large areas by being linked together side by side.

We have installed a variety of retractable roofs in London, from the retractable fabric roofs at the Lost in Brixton to the fully retractable roof system at the Prince in Earl’s Court. We have even installed retractable roofs outside of London, such as the retractable fabric roof with custom printing at the N11 @ The Ashford House in Ireland. So, no matter where you and your property are located, get in touch today.