Retractable roofs in Sutton

Explore our bespoke retractable roofs, fit for every criteria




Looking for a retractable roof in the Sutton area? Do you live near Cheam Park and require a shading solution like a retractable and tilting louvre roof for your garden? Maybe you own a hotel or bed and breakfast and are thinking of implementing a retractable fabric roof awning to add some character to your stay. At Designer Shade Solutions, we have an endless supply of possibilities to complete your outdoor sanctuary.

A key part of our mission, is to create structures that are fit for every weather condition, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of outdoor living- come rain or shine. That’s why we use waterproof and bioclimatic materials to adapt to varying weather patterns, ensuring that our clients receive maximum enjoyment and relaxation from our retractable roof structures. This is especially important for business owners who are using our structures to draw in customers and revenue. Our research has found that using shading solutions like a retractable glass roof or retractable fabric awning, has in fact increased customer appeal and investment return, so it’s a no brainer!

Each of our designs come with the option to add personalised, bespoke features, ensuring that our clients are able to fulfil the criteria for their shading system. Some of these customisable features include implementing LED lighting, to adapt your structure for evening entertainment. Lighting options also include coloured LEDs which may be useful if you are trying to match a particular theme or colour palette, perhaps your Sutton restaurant is laden with red furnishings. Not only this, but we also offer the option to integrate outdoor heating systems into your retractable roof pergola, further helping to enhance the year-round appeal of our products.

We recently completed a fitting of a fully retractable fabric roof system at a Fardon property as well as folding glass sides and glass doors. This structure was attached to a large balcony, increasing the usage of the space throughout the year so that it can be open in the summer and closed in the winter. So, what is it you want for your Sutton property? Would you consider a standalone pergola structure to add a feature to your outdoor space? Or would you like to mimic this Fardon property and attached your retractable roof to a pre-existing room and enhancing its value?

Whatever it is you have in mind, our 20+ years of experience will help to guide you there. Call us today on +44 (0)208 145 6216 or email us at, and we will create a shading solution for you.