Retractable roof in Stockport

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On the lookout for a retractable roof in Stockport? At Designer Shade Solutions, we have a wide range of pergolas with retractable roofs suitable for all shading purposes. With our pergolas you can relax outside no matter rain or shine, showing their functionality and versatility. So, if you are in the Stockport area and have been searching for a retractable roof pergola, search no further! 

One of our popular shading products includes retractable louvre roofs, which use a tilting motion to create shade when needed or opens for maximum sunlight. These are a great aspect for the hospitality sector as they enable customers to relax and dine outside, no matter the weather. You can also integrate our shading systems with bespoke heating features, LED lighting or additional glass side screens to create further comfort and protection. 

As well as our retractable louvre roofs, we also provide retractable fabric roofs and retractable glass roofs, creating a design to suit every property and criteria. Our glass roofs are particularly effective at increasing natural lighting and taking advantage of surrounding panoramic views. This makes them ideal for commercial properties like shopping centres or hotels to add a modern element. They are also perfect to be installed over a swimming pool, increasing the use of your pool throughout the year. Our retractable fabric roofs on the other hand have been successfully installed across a range of hospitality outlets like restaurants, bars, and cafes. You can view our successful case studies to see how retractable fabric roofs have created an inviting and engaging environment for alfresco dining. 

Perhaps you own a restaurant in Stockport that would benefit from a retractable fabric roof? Do you have a café near The Plaza? What about a hotel near Avro Heritage Museum? Maybe you live by Etherow Country Park and a retractable louvre roof would allow you to relax outside all year long. Whatever vision you have in mind, our team can help to create the ideal shading structure for you. 

Contact us today to find out more about our products and services. We install retractable roofs in London, retractable roofs in Manchester and many other locations, so allow us to help with your shading structure! We have been creating retractable roofs in the UK for over a decade providing us with a huge amount of expertise and knowledge when it comes to these shading solutions.