Retractable Roof in Romford

Retractable roofs for commercial and residential spaces.




Do you live in Romford and want a new addition to your garden perhaps a pergola with a retractable roof? Or perhaps you have a restaurant, bar, or café close to Raphael Park and you want to create an outdoor experience for your customers. At Designer Shade Solutions, are here to help you. We can help you create, design, and install the perfect retractable roof to meet your specifications. If you are interested in a new bespoke retractable roof, then contact us today and we can help you on your next project.

We have a multitude of different styles of retractable roofs such as retractable glass roofs, retractable fabric roof awnings, to retractable and tilting louvre roofs. Each has one has a unique style and with some additional add-ons such as the vertical glass system or outdoor heating systems to create a space that can be used no matter the weather.

All our retractable roofs can be customised to meet your specifications. For larger areas, multiple retractable roofs can be attached together to create a larger system for an outdoor dining system for your customers or maybe a larger pergola. One example is the retractable roof system that we installed for Dusk Restaurant. We installed two large retractable fabric roof systems to cover a large area in order to create a large space in order for their customers to dine outdoors no matter the weather condition.

The retractable roof system can be installed onto a pre-existing structure such as a wooden pergola, or it can be installed as a new standalone structure to create a new centrepiece and space to be used by you or your customers. With the add-ons such as outdoor heating or the vertical glass system which can be seen being used by the Dusk restaurant, you can make a space that can be enjoyed and utilised all year round no matter the weather.

So if you live in Romford or you own a commercial business and are looking to create a beautiful and usable outdoor space, then contact us at Designer Shade Solutions. We can help you on the right path to creating, designing, and installing a lovely new outdoor space with a retractable roof system.