Retractable roof in Mortlake

Weatherproof retractable roofs for all-year-round use.




Do you want a retractable roof in Mortlake? At Designer Shade Solutions, we can help you find the right retractable roof pergola for your residential space or commercial establishment. Whether you have a house with a patio overlooking the river Thames or have a restaurant in Mortlake High Street, having a retractable roof will be a great addition to your outdoor space. Contact our team today to find out more about our retractable roof pergolas.

We can install a variety of retractable roofs. From frameless retractable roofs and retractable fabric roofs to retractable glass roofs and retractable pitched roofs. Additionally, we can also install various shading systems to further enhance your property, including external screen blinds, external venetian blinds and internal blinds.

Our retractable roofs, also known as retractable roof pergolas, feature a roof that can open and close as required, allowing you to make the most out of your outdoor space. Our retractable and tilting louvre roofs also feature tilting slabs that can tilt to offer shade. Our systems will help you and your guests enjoy your outdoor space no matter the weather.

We have installed plenty of retractable roofs in London, including the fully retractable roof system at the Prince in Earl’s Court, as well as outside London, such as the retractable fabric roof systems and vertical glass at the Dust Restaurant in Brentwood. So, whether you need a retractable roof on your property in Mortlake, a retractable roof in Wood Green or a retractable roof in Park Royal, search no further than our modern roofs.

Our London retractable roofs can be fully customised to meet any and all requirements. Our roofs can be complemented with lighting, heating and side glass screens. When complemented with all of these features, you will have the ultimate indoor/outdoor space that can be enjoyed comfortably all year round. Call 0203 978 2450 or email to find out more.