Retractable roofs in Enfield

Transform your outdoor space with a retractable roof




Searching for a retractable roof in Enfield? At Designer Shade Solutions, we provide retractable roofs for all purposes and requirements. So, whether you’re a homeowner near Trent Park or a business located near Capel Manor Gardens, we can design and install the perfect retractable roof to meet your needs. Our many years of experience provide us with the knowledge to create bespoke designs for every prospect.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to the variation of retractable roofs that we can install. One structure that is particularly popular in commercial buildings is the frameless retractable roof, as this provides shelter from both sun and rain, making it an all-year round, versatile, and comfortable installation for customers. These roofs are also available as retractable roof systems with frame, allowing you to either attach the structure to an existing building, creating an out-house effect, or have them remain as a standalone piece.

The option to add additional side screens, lighting and heating solutions also allows for further annual protection. It’s not only the structures that provide versatility, but we also have a wide range of materials including retractable fabric roofs, retractable wooden pergolas and retractable glass roofs, matching to the design and price point of your desired product.

In order to ensure the structure is perfectly emulated to each individual desire, we offer a bespoke service, where systems can be customised to specific requirements. This can be seen in our retractable roof at retractable roof at The Prince In Earl’s Court. The bespoke fully retractable fabric roof spans 150sqm and was decorated with an array of hanging flowers and colourful tropics. Providing just one show stopping example of how to customise your ideal retractable roof structure.

So, what is it you are looking for? A retractable roof to complete your garden, rain or shine? Or are you hoping to cover your outdoor restaurant space to accommodate customers? What about covering a pool, so that it can be used either as an indoor pool in the colder months or an outdoor pool when the sun’s out?

Whatever vision it is that you have in mind, at Designer Shade Solutions, we want to make that vision a reality. So, perhaps you are in the Enfield area looking for something to transform your outdoor space. If this is the case, or you are elsewhere and feeling inspired, get in contact with us today by calling +44 (0)203 978 2450 or email us at