Retractable roof in Camberwell

Retractable and tilting louvre roofs for residential and commercial spaces.




Looking to reinvent your outdoor space in Camberwell with a retractable roof? Have you considered a retractable and tilting louvre roof pergola for your garden? Or a retractable fabric roof for your restaurant, café or bar? What about an entirely customisable shading system to complete your hotel retreat? At Designer Shade Solutions, we have a wide variety of products and structures to choose from, helping you find the perfect fit for your building. Get in touch today by calling our team on 0208 145 6216.

Our retractable roofs are available in a range of materials, one which is particularly popular is the retractable glass roof, which comes as either single glazed or double glazed, depending on your preference, budget and purpose. These are an effective shading solution for rooftop bars, restaurants, shopping centres and swimming pools. We also offer some variation in these structures including retractable glass ClearSky skylights and retractable glass Solaglide skylights, which both boost the benefit of natural lighting and an aspect that appears to be bringing the outdoor in.

The ClearSky glass roof system creates a luxurious feel, allowing you to either open or close the roof dependent on the weather conditions. This structure in particular is imbedded into pre-existing buildings, like one of the restaurant spaces located near the Camberwell College of Arts. Alternatively, the glass SolaGlide skylights offer similar advantages, including a 75% open space structure with insulation when closed. Fundamentally, when creating these structures, our priority is to construct a highly flexible model, which can adapt to various changing weather conditions.

So, do you own a restaurant by the South London Gallery, which would benefit from one of these glass skylight retractable roofs? Maybe you are thinking of something a little different like a custom made, bespoke pergola or a retractable fabric awning to accompany your property next to Lucas Gardens. We provide every possible structure for your specification, with the option to add lighting and heating systems for further warmth and comfort throughout evenings and colder days.

Contact us today at by calling our number +44 (0)208 145 6216 or emailing us at and we can begin to discuss the perfect shading solution for your property or business. Whether you are in the Camberwell area or elsewhere, we can use our expert knowledge to create a bespoke retractable roof or awning structure.