Retractable Roof in Romford

Retractable roofs for commercial and residential spaces.




Looking for retractable roofs in Brent Park? Our team at Designer Shade Solutions will be able to design and install custom-made retractable roofs to suit your property and meet your function and style requirements. Whether you have a flat near Sherrans Farm and would like to add a metal pergola with roof to your patio or have a commercial space near the River Brent and would like a retractable roof to cover your terrace, our retractable roofs are a great choice. Contact our team today to discuss your project’s requirements.

We can install a variety of retractable roofs. This includes retractable glass roofs, retractable fabric roofs, retractable and tilting louvre roofs and more. In addition to our retractable roof systems, we can also install various other shading systems, from external blinds, such as external venetian blinds, to outdoor parasols, including outdoor parasol umbrellas.

Maybe you have been looking to give your outdoor space an uplift and stumbled across retractable roof pergolas. These modern pergolas can transform any outdoor space and make sure you can fully enjoy this area of your property to its fullest. With a retractable roof, these structures allow you to be outdoors rain or shine.

Our retractable roofs can act as an extension to your current living space when attached to your property, giving you a seamless transition from indoor living to outdoor living. Alternatively, our retractable roofs can also be installed as self-supporting structures in the middle of your outdoor space. These can be installed on top of outdoor dining areas, outdoor entertainment spaces and other special outdoor areas.

You can find out retractable roofs installed at countless locations around the country, from the retractable fabric roof systems at the Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood to the retractable roof systems at the Prince in Earl’s Court. So, whether you require a retractable roof in Brent Cross or a retractable roof elsewhere, do not hesitate to get in touch. Give our team a call on 0203 978 2450 or email us at