Retractable roof ideas for homes

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retractable roof on top of outdoor pool

Want to be able to fully enjoy your outdoor area all year round? Want to make the most out of your garden, patio, terrace, pool – you name it – without worrying about the weather? With a retractable roof, you can forget about rain or shine. Our retractable and tilting roof systems feature an innovative and easy-to-use retractable roof that can be easily closed, open or simply tilted for some shade.

We can install a variety of retractable roofs on your property, from frameless retractable roofs to retractable fabric roofs and even bespoke retractable roof systems. We’ve put together some of our retractable roofs below to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to cover your outdoors, so you can use this area of your home, no matter the weather.

Frameless Retractable And Tilting Roof System

Frameless retractable roofs can be integrated into your property. Our retractable roofs, also known as modern pergolas, can also be attached to your home in order to extend your current living space.

Retractable And Tilting Roof With Frame

Create the perfect indoor/outdoor space in your garden, patio or terrace by installing a retractable and tilting roof with a frame. With this standalone structure, you will be able to define and cover a specific area of your garden, such as a dining space or outdoor kitchen, which you will be able to use all year round.

Retractable Louvre Roof Pitched System

Pitched retractable roof systems look stunning in any property. The angled retractable roof can be open if the weather is nice or closed if it starts to rain. Plus, its pitched roof offers great water drainage.

Frameless Retractable Fabric Roofs

Our retractable fabric roof systems combine functionality with style, being ideal for any residential property. Protect any outdoor space from the changing weather conditions with our retractable systems. These offer shelter from the elements, comfort and are aesthetically pleasing.

Retractable Flat Fabric Roof with Frame

Our self-supporting retractable flat fabric roofs feature minimal framing, modern design and provide shelter from the weather. The perfect solution all year round. Our flat roof systems can span up to 8 metres, and to cover larger spaces, can be linked with other systems side-by-side.

Retractable Fabric Roof Awning with Curved Frame

Our curved retractable roof systems are stunning pieces of architecture that offer protection from the changing weather conditions with minimal framing. The modern curved design and minimal framing will ensure these curved retractable roofs will be the perfect choice for any property.

Retractable Glass Roof Systems

Retractable glass roofs allow you to enjoy the panoramic outdoor views whilst being protected from the weather conditions. Glass roofs are great for outdoor pools, rooftop terraces and many other spaces.

Whether you are looking for a retractable roof for your patio, a retractable roof for your pool or a retractable roof to cover your hot tub, our specialists will be able to design and install the perfect retractable roof to meet your requirements. Contact our team today on +44 (0)203 978 2450 or email

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