Retractable pergola: which one is right for you?

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retractable roof pergola

As we are approaching the summer months, you may be starting to consider your outdoor décor, which can be particularly difficult with the unpredictable British weather. Implementing a shading system like a retractable pergola creates the perfect all-year-round solution. But what system is the best for you?

Metal pergola with retractable roof

Let’s start by reviewing the metal pergola structure, a brilliant option throughout the seasons. Firstly, retractable and tilting roof pergolas are bioclimatic, meaning they are able to adapt to different weather conditions, so if you’re shading from the sun in the warmer months, or sheltering from the rain, they provide flexibility for your personal needs. Plus, these retractable roofs are available as frameless retractable and tilting roofs, retractable and tilting louvred roofs with frame and retractable and tilting pitched roofs.

Not only this, but Designer Shade Solutions supply different options, such as attaching side screens to further enhance this all-year-round appeal. One of the main benefits that has been witnessed from the metal pergola system is their likeability in the hospitality sector. Research has shown that the use of these pergola structures in restaurants and cafes, has drawn in more customers and increased investment return.

A great example of these metal retractable roof pergolas in a commercial setting is the fully retractable fabric roof systems and vertical glass systems installed at the Dusk Restaurant & Lounge in Brentwood. The restaurant wanted to maximise their outdoor space and offer a comfortable outdoor space for their guests to enjoy outdoor dining no matter the weather. To achieve this, the team at Designer Shade Solutions designed two fully retractable fabric roof systems plus, six sets of our vertical glass systems with a dark metal finish.

Glass roof pergola

Retractable glass roofs also boast many advantages, such as increasing your overall property value. This type of pergola is highly adaptable, allowing for an open or closed space whilst still maintaining views from the outside scenery, thus maximising levels of natural daylight.

This structure is suitable for a range of locations including large commercial spaces, outdoor areas such as a pool or hot tub cover or even a residential buildings like offices. This shows the product’s versatility, and its key desirable appeal, allowing you to bring the outside in. Not to mention the large benefit of increased outdoor space, which is a significant reduction in stress levels.

Pergola with fabric retractable roof

Another structural option and perhaps a more cost-effective option is the retractable fabric awning. This system has a long-lasting duration when compared to a typical fixed awning, benefiting from its durability. Although the retractable awning may be seen as less grandeur in structure and size, than the previous retractable roofs, it provides an effective solution to protect from sun, wind and rain (with its waterproof fabric options). The fabric structure also provides effective UV protection, a great advantage when weighed against other roof options.

Custom-made pergolas

A final consideration that Designer Shade Solutions provide, is the possibility to custom make your pergola, creating a personalised option that suits all of your requirements. We will work to your specifications to produce a stylistic and effective pergola structure. This could include, attaching a retractable roof to a wooden pergola, meeting exclusive architectural designs or integrating coloured lighting and heating options.

We have installed many retractable roofs in London and in other areas of the country, including the custom-made sleek black retractable rolling louvred roof system integrated with glass ends and warm lighting installed at a residential property in Woodford Green. Whatever it is you have in mind, Designer Shade Solutions will collaborate to provide your bespoke, envisioned structure. Contact our team today to discuss your project’s requirements.

As a whole, there is an endless variety of options to choose from at Designer Shade Solutions. So, whether your budget is more suited to a fabric retractable roof pergola, or you wish to create an environment that brings the outside in using a glass pergola, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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