Retractable Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning – With Frame

Innovative, modern and functional outdoor patio solution

Retractable Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning Frame
Retractable Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning Frame

Innovative, Modern and Functional

Outdoor Patio Solution

Our retractable titling louvred roof systems with frame enhance and add value to any outdoor living, dining or entertainment space, being perfect for domestic and commercial environments. Designed with luxury and functionality in mind, our systems protect outdoor spaces in changing weather conditions whilst being visually appealing.

You can choose to have our framed systems as standalone structures or to install them to your existing building.

Our framed retractable louvre roof systems can be combined with side screens and heating to create the ultimate outdoor space. These systems are perfect for all-year round outdoor dining and entertainment at restaurants, bars, pubs and hotels.


Retractable Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning – With Frame

  • During warm weather, the tilting mechanism allows the heat to escape offering optimal airflow and if the weather quickly changes, the mechanism will close and offer exceptional comfort for all-year-round use.
  • Can be custom-made to suit your design requirements, whether you require to achieve a modern or traditional design.
  • Offer a higher level of thermal insulation and stability than traditional awnings.
  • Easy-to-use awnings operated by radio-controlled systems which can be automated to react to sun, rain and wind, if required.
  • The 180mm x 40mm louvres are made from aluminium alloy, ensuring strength and durability. In fully closed position, the louvres form a flat ceiling and drain any rainwater to the gutter.
  • Features 160mm x 160mm posts which are highly resistant to strong winds and can support a wide span louvred roof.
  • High versatile shade solution which can suit any space. As a free-standing structure, it can fit terraces, patios, hot tubs and pool houses. Plus, can be linked with other shade structures to fit larger spaces.
  • Comes in all RAL colours and can optionally be equipped with LED lighting, heating, door systems and large motorised vertical sliding glass windows, if necessary.
Retractable Tilting Louvred Roof System Awning Frame


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