Retractable Glass Clear Sky Skylights

The ultimate outdoor roof for all year round use

Retractable Glass Structures Clear Sky
Retractable Glass Structures Clear Sky

The Ultimate Choice

Complete Coverage

Our ClearSky glass roof system structures enhance any property with a clear and luxurious roof which allows guests and visitors to enjoy an indoor/outdoor area all-year-round. This structure features a SecurTrak™ rail system to easily open or close the roof, providing the flexibility of an indoor or outdoor living experience in the same area.

This glass system is designed to integrate your existing building. It can be custom-built to seamlessly fit into a timber pergola, a pool room or a whole restaurant space. Contact our team today to discuss how a retractable glass system roof would fit your project.


Retractable Glass Skylights – Clear Sky

  • Integrate our ClearSky glass roofs into any property for added visual appeal and thermal comfort.
  • Perfect for commercial and residential properties.
  • Versatile and flexible option to create an indoor and outdoor living space in the same area.
  • These are self-supported roof systems which run on their own easy gliding track system, SecurTrak™.
  • SecurTrak™ system retracts roofs by the help of 24 VDC, 220 or 380 CAV motors.
  • Comprehensive range of operating options.
  • Designed to meet clients’ requirements from 7 base models.
  • High resistance to snow and wind loads.
  • Our ClearSky systems have 2 main models, which differ on the angle of the first profile position to the roof. The FB model which is 90 degrees to the roof and the 7B model that is 70 degrees to the roof.
  • Our skylight system options depend on the span of the roof opening. The system can start with 2 segmented profiles (A7B) and go up to 8 segmented profiles (V7B).

Generic Technical Information
Profile: Special Design Libart T, C or U type / AA 6063-T6
Glazing: Insulated glass / Single Glass / Polycarbonate
Retraction: Motorized or Manuel (depending on system weight)
Maximum Span: 18m (59′)
Color: RAL Powder Coat

Retractable Glass Structures Clear Sky


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