Lost In Brixton

Fully retractable fabric roof systems




Fabric Retractable Roof Awnings

Fully Retractable Fabric Roof Systems

There is a new social hub in the heart of Brixton if you can find it. Hidden somewhere between the train tracks and the Brixton Village Market hides “Lost in Brixton”. The lost in the Jungle themed bar lets venue patrons enjoy the outdoors in the funky bar surrounds. The key revolution in this 400 square metre bar is the 150 sqm of opening retractable roof systems by Designer Shade Solutions, giving the most flexible design experience available. The result is cosy and protected in winter, and open air dining in Summer.

Designer Shade Solutions worked closely with the Venue Owners and The Halo Group to produce this one of a kind design development. The retractable roof is uniquely designed to fit into the custom designed roof, creating huge 8m x 8m portals open to the sky. Night and Day, whatever the weather, everyone can relax and get on with having a good time. It is all about being outdoors as much as possible, maximising the space, and enjoying the open air with friends.