Retractable fabric awnings- what are they?

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Retractable fabric awning

At Designer Shade Solutions we aim to create functional shading structures that can be used throughout every season. We have a wide range of retractable roof pergolas available helping to create outdoor comfort and relaxation. However, our other smaller structures including the retractable fabric awnings are still an excellent choice for external shelter and protection from the elements. Let’s take a closer look at these awnings to see what they have to offer. 

What is a retractable fabric awning? 

Firstly, we’ll start by addressing what exactly a retractable fabric awning is. These structures use a fabric shading system which can be retracted in accordance with the weather, so when it’s raining roll the awning out for shelter or open it up in the sun. You can attach these structures to a patio, terrace or balcony adding both visual appeal and practicality. We create our retractable fabric awnings using high-quality materials that are not only waterproof but offer all-important UV protection too, covering you on all bases. Are you looking to cover your conservatory with a conservatory awning? Perhaps you would rather have a square cassette folding arm awnings or a drop arm awnings for your restaurant or café? Whatever it is you have in mind, we have a vast array of designs available to suit your aesthetic. 

What are the benefits of retractable awnings? 

As well as their brilliant weather adaptability, retractable awnings have many other benefits too. Thanks to our bespoke service at Designer Shade Solutions, you can customise your awning to suit your requirements, adding lighting, warmth, and extra comfort. You can even choose from a selection of RAL colours to suit your property, creating a stunning and sleek look. Why not complete your retractable awning by using radio-controlled systems? These can help to operate the motion of your awning, providing added ease. 

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Tell me more 

Our awning shades are perfect for the hospitality sector, providing a sheltered cosy spot for alfresco dining and customer relaxation. In fact, each of our retractable awnings has its own specific function and design. For instance, the conservatory awning can be used to reduce excessive heat or glare in the summer months, preventing your conservatory from feeling like a greenhouse. Alternatively, in the winter, use these awnings to keep heat in, maximising the use of your conservatory all year round. 

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So, will you be installing a pergola awning UK? This could be the shading solution you have been searching for, adding beauty and practicality to your property. Contact us today to find out more about our products and we can begin installing your dream structure. 

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