Vertical Guillotine Glass XL

Premium Vertical Glass Systems Create Dramatic wide window openings

Vertical Guillotine Glass Screens Libart
Vertical Guillotine Glass Screens Libart

Function & Aesthetics

Uncluttered Outward Vision

Our premium glass screen systems create wide and dramatic window openings which offer an unrestricted view of the outdoors. With their guillotine design, our minimal windows are space efficient and can easily be slid downwards or upwards to open and close, making these glass systems perfect for any commercial or domestic setting.


Vertical Guillotine Glass XL

  • Wide window openings which feature a minimal design.
  • Offer a clean and unobstructed view of the outdoors.
  • Space efficient guillotine system that is operated by sliding windows upwards or downwards.
  • Can be combined with bifold or sliding systems to create an entry point.
  • Can span up to 5.5m and can be easily closed for weather protection.
Vertical Guillotine Glass Screens Libart


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