How to customise retractable pergolas

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Modern retractable pergolas have evolved from traditional pergolas and eliminated the pre-existing weaknesses of those pergolas, such as the amount of maintenance needed for upkeep, lack of weather protection and being able to be fully closed. Pergolas with retractable and tilting roofs are pushing further ahead from their predecessor by including multiple customisation options.

Colour Lighting

These retractable pergolas can be integrated with lighting. On top of this, the ability to manipulate the colour within the pergolas adds a new level of class to any environment both professionally and in your own home. Having the freedom to control the colour allows you to specifically identify the mood you want a specific location to have, such as an underlying pink or red for a romantic meal, or a bright yellow in summer evenings as if the sun never went down.


One of the main downsides of traditional pergolas and other open outdoor structures is that they are not useable in the colder weather. However, there is now an option to build your retractable pergola canopy with outdoor heating systems. This allows you to enjoy your pergola year-round.

You have the option to complement your modern pergolas with integrated outdoor heating or choose one of our freestanding outdoor heaters to enhance your outdoor space. We supply a variety of heating systems that can be integrated into our retractable roofs, including Platinum gas heaters, Platinum electric heaters, Tungsten gas heaters and Tungsten electric heaters.

Material of Choice

While one of the most popular items is a wooden pergola with a retractable roof, you are not limited to simple wood with your retractable roof pergola. There are options to fit around your building type, offering materials from metal, fabric to vinyl. Choosing a pergola with glass roof is also an option. You have complete freedom to utilise any specific material for your retractable pergola to match your needs and to perfectly match the area you want it placed.

Most of our pergolas with retractable and tilting roofs are made with the latest radio-controlled systems to allow hassle-free operation for you while also being able to react to different weather situations such as sun, rain and wind to ensure minimal damage or maintenance is needed to keep your pergola running smoothly

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