How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Retreat

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custom retractable roofs

Being outside is crucial for both the mind and body; it allows us to breathe in the fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature and increase our intake of vitamin D. Therefore, creating a perfect outdoor retreat in our own garden, has many benefits. However, the everchanging weather can sometimes be a barrier to this, leaving us to question… how can we achieve the perfect all-year-round solution to outdoor comfort?

Shade is a must.

The first essential way to create a retreat fit for every season is by implementing a system that protects from strong winds, UV rays and heavy downpours, covering all bases. Our wide range of retractable roof pergolas, such as retractable fabric roofs, frameless retractable roofs and glass retractable roofs, as well as retractable awnings offer an effective solution to this, by protecting against an array of weather conditions. Contact our team for help with creating your bespoke outdoor system.

The ultimate outdoor retreat.

Our pergolas with roofs are also entirely customisable, allowing you to implement side glass screens, lighting and heating systems for further versatility and protection. When equipped with all of these add-ons, our retractable pergolas offer the comfort of an indoor space whilst providing stunning panoramic outdoor views.

We have designed and installed a variety of custom pergolas in commercial spaces and residential properties, including the retractable fabric roof systems and vertical glass systems installed at the Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood. By designing a fully covered yet flexible outdoor space, those dining at the Dusk Restaurant can enjoy outdoor dining no matter the weather.

Light the night away.

Adding to this, lighting is a great attribute to consider in your outdoor retreat, not just in your pergola system, but also throughout your green spaces. Different forms of lighting offer a range of benefits, from safety and visibility to a warm sense of ambience in the evenings, making it a vital factor to consider. You can imbed your lighting in a range of forms such as fairy lights, solar panel lighting or even candles to add a decorative touch.

No more cold nights.

Heating is also a must, especially in the colder months. We offer a wide selection of outdoor heaters, including gas heaters, electric heaters, and free-standing heaters, suitable for all outdoor comfort and entertaining purposes. Explore our range of outdoor heating systems to find the perfect solution for your outdoor hub. Another great idea if your space and budget allow, could be installing a fire pit system, which not only supplies warmth but also light and aesthetic.

Green is the new black.

Next, an outdoor retreat wouldn’t be complete without some greenery. You can create the perfect outdoor space by adding flowers, hanging baskets, potted plants or herbs and vegetables, which add colour and life to your garden. Whilst also providing the perfect opportunity to grow your own organic produce!

Get comfortable.

A final component to help achieve your perfect outdoor escape, is the use of garden furnishings to provide both comfort and the appeal for entertaining guests. Customise your garden by adding dining furniture for an outdoor kitchen or BBQ, sun longueurs for sunbathing when the weather’s warm or outdoor sofas to relax amongst the nature. Whatever your needs may be, there is a design fit for you.

If you want any further help creating your dream oasis, don’t forget to explore the endless options throughout our website fit for every season. Feel free to contact our team today by calling 0203 978 2450 or emailing

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