How a retractable roof can help de-stress at work

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Without adequate breaks from work, employee work performance, productivity and overall well-being might start to suffer. If employees are stressed at work, any work-related challenges might also be more difficult to overcome.

Even though stress is natural and often temporary, encouraging employees to de-stress at work will increase productivity, boost employee morale, improve mental well-being and boost creativity. So, how to de-stress at work?

1. Revamp the break room.

Encourage employees to take breaks by providing them with a comfortable and exciting break room. As this article on Forbes recommends, “Be sure that the office has at least one break room for employees to retreat to whenever they need some time away from their desks. Provide comfortable furniture along with table and chairs for eating lunch. Employees will be more inclined to take breaks and lunch breaks when they have a comfortable space to do so.”

2. Uplift the outdoor space.

What’s better than a great break room? An outside room with a retractable roof. Retractable roofs, such as retractable and tilting roof pergolas, will ensure that employees can enjoy the office’s outdoor space no matter the weather. Spending time outside will not only help employees de-stress but will also improve their health and well-being.

Office retractable roof ideas.

As retractable roof specialists, we can offer a wide range of office retractable roof systems, from retractable fabric roof systems to retractable glass roof systems.

Retractable fabric roof systems

Retractable and titling louvred roof systems with frame

Frameless retractable and tilting louvred roofs

Retractable glass roofs

At Designer Shade Solutions, we can work together with you or your design team to create a bespoke shade solution to perfectly fit your outdoor space. So, contact our team today to discuss your project’s requirements. Call us on 0203 978 2450 or email

3. Work outside.

The authors of the book Biophilic Design: Theory, Science and Practice share that connecting with nature is important to people’s well-being and ability to be productive. Incorporating nature into workspaces can increase productivity, reduce stress and enhance creativity. This concept has been making its way into modern offices and has been embraced by many large companies, such as Google and Microsoft.

In recent times, Google has built outdoor working areas to respond to coronavirus concerns. At Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters, “Camp Charleston” was built – a space for employees to work under open-air tents and, in larger teepees, there are meeting areas and video conferencing equipment.

If you have any questions about our retractable roof systems or other shading solutions, feel free to contact our team. Our expert team will be able to provide advice and recommend the best shading solution for your property. So, if you are looking for a retractable roof for offices, search no further. Get in touch today!

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