External Venetian Blinds

Control Heat and Light with Designer Shade Solutions Range of External Screen Blinds

Providing optimal heat protection

and unsurpassed light control

Our external venetian blinds provide great heat protection and unequalled light control for both commercial and domestic environments. These feature a minimal and sleek design, and are designed to let natural sunlight in and maintain ambient temperature.

By minimising the amount of heat that enters through the glass, these blinds ensure that any greenhouse effects are reduced, making our venetian blinds three time more effective than internal blinds.

These external venetian blinds are unaffected by extreme temperature changes and are able to reduce sunlight by up to 90%. These are the perfect all-weather shade solution for your office block, house or commercial building.

To further equip your blind system, you can integrate automated weather sensors which can adjust and retract blinds when required, depending on the weather conditions. UV-resistant components are also available to extend our external products’ life.

Amongst our selection of external venetian blinds, we have available Warema external blinds façade EVB, Warema EVB 60mm venetian blinds, Warema EVB 80mm venetian blinds, Warema EVC 80mm flat venetian blinds, Warema EVB wind stable blinds, and much more. Contact us today to find the perfect shade solution to meet your requirements.

External Venetian Retractable Motorised Roof Pergola Awning London Commercial Architecture Outdoor

Warema External Blinds Façade EVB

Providing optimal heat protection and unsurpassed flexibility

Warema EVB 60mm

Perfect for domestic or commercial environments

Warema EVB 80mm

The industry standard

Warema EVB 80mm FLAT

Low profile and flexible

Warema EVB Wind Stable

Sleek minimalist and integrate into your building design

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