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External Blinds vs Internal Blinds

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When choosing the right type of blinds for your property, there are two main types of blinds to consider: external blinds and internal blinds. Both types of blinds can both used in a home or office setting, however, each type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

External Blinds.

As the name explains the external blinds are window coverings that are designed and fitted on the outside of the building. Within our range of external blinds, we can install external screen blinds and external Venetian blinds.

External screen blinds feature solid panels of a specific material, most commonly fabric. Screen blinds ensure that rooms do not overheat by stopping heat before it enters through the glass.

External Venetian blinds feature horizontal slats that control the amount of light that passes through. Some Venetian blinds available at Designer Shade Solutions include Warema External Venetian Facade Blinds, Warema External Venetian Blinds 80mm and Warema External Wind Stable Blinds.


  • Heat control. By having the covering on the outside of a window, it can act as an additional barrier between the room and solar rays. The external blinds would deflect and absorb the majority of the harmful solar rays. This means that the room would remain cooler and not absorb as much heat through the windows. This is especially effective for more modern houses with large panel windows as well as office buildings.
  • Weather protection. External blinds can offer windows some light protection against adverse weather conditions. Outdoor blinds also help to block out the sun, rain, and wind all year round.
  • Save on energy bills. Due to the increased heat control, external blinds can help to reduce your energy bills in both summer and winter. During the summer, the external blinds will help keep your home or office cooler thus reducing the need for air conditioning or fans. In the winter, the external blinds can help reflect the heat back into the window therefore, less heat will escape through the windows which means less heating is potentially needed resulting in a lower energy bill.


  • Noise. During strong winds, the external blinds can be affected by the winds and cause strong vibrations and noise.
  • Maintenance. Over time parts such as the lift, and the tape will deteriorate, and depending on usage and other factors they can deteriorate quickly.

Internal Blinds.

Internal blinds are the more common type of blinds that are known and used. Internal blinds can be designed and fitted to the inside of the windows in both home and office environments.

At Designer Shade Solutions, we can install a variety of commercial internal blinds on your property, from premium internal blinds to custom internal blinds and custom internal skylight blinds.


  • Cost-efficient. Generally, the cost of internal blinds is cheaper compared to external blinds. Also, less maintenance is needed for internal blinds which means the overall costs are lower in comparison to the maintenance of external blinds.
  • Wide choice of styles. Due to the popularity of internal blinds, there is a wider variety of styles, colours, and materials that can be used. This allows you to find the right blinds that will suit your aesthetics.
  • Can help to insulate buildings. Internal blinds can help to keep heat in the building. It can trap the warm air in and reduce the amount lost through windows.
  • Easy to clean. Most internal blinds are simple to clean. A quick wipe with a damp cloth is all it needs to maintain its cleanliness and remove any dust.


  • Do not reflect heat as effectively. Although internal blinds can help insulate the building in the winter, during hotter summer months they do not reflect heat as effectively as external blinds. This is due to the fact that the sun rays are already being absorbed through the windows and onto the internal blinds thus the heat will be absorbed into the building. This can result in a higher energy bill during hotter months due to the need for cooling from air conditions and fans.
  • Fragile. Blind slats can be damaged by pets and young children.

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