Enjoy your conservatory all year round with an awning

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retractable awning for conservatory

Conservatories are the perfect enhancement to any property, they bring in an abundance of natural lighting, open up the living space and offer picturesque views of the outside surroundings. During the warmer months, conservatories are an effective sun trap, allowing you to soak in the heat. In the colder months, however, conservatories can often become less inviting as they mimic the outside weather, turning cold and uncomfortable. At Designer Shade Solutions, we have created some unique products to help maximise the enjoyment of your conservatory all year round.

How can I improve my conservatory space?

The first key step in making your conservatory feel more like a relaxation spot is by implementing elements of tranquillity. For example, start by decorating the room with flowers, plants, and pictures to bring life and colour to the setting. Then, you could consider relaxing activities to add to the atmosphere such as books or magazines for reading, helping to create a space that truly allows you to unwind and switch off.

Comfort is key

Obviously, another essential component to maximise the enjoyment of your conservatory is comfort. So, find furniture which is soft, relaxing, and comfortable, encouraging you to retreat to your conservatory on a daily basis.

Alongside this, warmth is clearly another element which impacts comfort. At Designer Shade Solutions, we have a range of conservatory awnings which help to maximise warmth and comfort. These awnings can be integrated into the roof of your conservatory or a retractable roof with fabric awning, using temperature control systems to create the ultimate setting. For example, in the summer months, they can shield you from the heavy glare of sun rays when needed, and then subsequently trap in heat during the winter months. This is a perfect investment for both residential and commercial properties like restaurants and hotels, as it prevents the need to purchase expensive air conditioning units, whilst still maintaining a relaxing environment to be utilised all year round.

What other options are there?

There are additional shading options to enhance your conservatory, including conservatory zip awnings. These offer similar benefits to that of the conservatory awning, but they also utilise waterproof and UV protective materials to further enhance the usability of your conservatory throughout the seasons. Not only this but these shading structures can also be attached to existing properties, increasing their functionality. You could also consider our conservatory zip awning with posts, a versatile levered awning fit for every weather, the possibilities are endless! Complete your perfect conservatory with light colours to enhance the space and bring added serenity.

Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration about how to maximise the use of your conservatory, enjoying it all year round! Contact us today by calling on +44 (0)208 145 6216 or emailing us at to find out more about our conservatory shading solutions. We also have a wide range of other products available, such as our retractable and tilting louvre roofs and retractable fabric awnings so you can transform your back garden too!

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