Create the perfect alfresco dining experience with a Louvre roof

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Alfresco dining is quickly becoming the new popular trend of 2022. After the Covid-19 pandemic, many restaurants and other hospitality outlets were forced to move their business outside, finding a way to utilise their outdoor space no matter the weather. At first, the public wasn’t so certain about this new way of dining, especially in Britain where the sun rarely shines! But since then, we have learnt more about what makes the perfect alfresco dining environment. To help you create the perfect alfresco dining experience, we have put together some useful tips.

Keep it modern with a louvre roof

Two of the most important elements of outdoor dining are warmth and comfort, things which stereotypically don’t come from eating outside in the UK. However, our selection of retractable louvre roofs provides both, thanks to their weather adaptability features. When integrated with lighting, heating and side glass screens, our retractable roof pergolas can easily create a fully weatherproof outdoor space. This, therefore, provides a perfect alternative to traditional lattice-style pergolas which have minimal protection against rain and wind.

Alfresco style fabric awnings

Retractable fabric awnings may be another useful outdoor structure for your perfect alfresco dining setting. These fabric awnings are a popular choice for hospitality units as they allow customers to enjoy the outdoor fresh air, whilst also being shielded from the sun, wind, or rain. In fact, these awnings offer high UV protection so you can ensure your skin will be safe while enjoying your 3-course meal! Our retractable fabric awnings are sold in a wide variety of styles from the standard retractable awning-half cassette, ideal for terraces and patios, to the conservatory awning which can offer protection from the extreme heat and glare of conservatories during the summer. There really is a shading structure and solution for every setting!

The final touches for perfection

Some other ways to maximise your alfresco dining experience include enhancing your décor. For example, consider dressing your retractable pergola with hanging flowers and plants to add life and colour, or use candles for extra ambience and warmth.

Our bespoke louvre roofs also come in a range of designs and materials such as retractable glass pergolas, metal pergolas, wooden pergolas and pergolas with fabric retractable roofs in an array of colours to match whatever design aspect you have envisioned.

Finally, don’t forget the key element of seating! Try to pick a stylish and comfortable seating option for customers to fully relax and enjoy their dining experience, encouraging them to come back again.

To find out more about creating your perfect alfresco dining experience using retractable louvre roofs, contact us today by either calling on +44 (0)208 145 6216 or emailing us at and we can help to advise you on the best structure and design for your requirements. Feel free to also explore our other products, including our external blinds and vertical glass systems.

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