Benefits of retractable conservatory awnings

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A conservatory is a staple in many British homes, and its popularity has grown since Victorian times. Also known as sunrooms, greenhouses or orangeries, conservatories became popular through the 19th and 20th centuries as a way of expanding living spaces and creating secondary lounges.

Conservatories are frequently an addition to houses rather than being part of the original design. These often have a door leading into the home and another into the garden and are made of glass, being great at maximising natural sunlight.

These structures are a fabulous addition to British homes as these spaces can be enjoyed during summer and winter, no matter the weather. However, there are some downsides to conservatories – many end up being overly warm during summer and not warm enough during winter.

Therefore, it is essential to choose the right material for a conservatory as well as to have a high-quality retractable conservatory awning to ensure you can make the most out of this extra space in your home.

Maintain ambient temperature.

No need for air conditioning when you have a retractable shading solution for your conservatory. By having a retractable awning in your conservatory, you will be able to maintain ambient temperature by closing and opening the awning when required.

Reduce heat and glare during the summer months.

An overly warm conservatory will not be enjoyable and it will be the last place you will want to be during the warm summer days. With a high-quality retractable roof, you will be able to adjust how much sunlight and heat you want to receive at any given time.

Keep heat in during the winter months.

This extra room in your home will be perfect for cold summer nights and winter days. By keeping heat in, you will always have a comfortable space to read your favourite book or entertain guests, no matter the season.

Aid the work-life balance

If you use the conservatory as a home office, having a retractable roof conservatory will be essential. The ability to control the lighting within a designated workplace allows a worker to find a level of comfort within their surroundings to continuously work at their best level. Retractable side awnings also allow for a change in scenery during your workday is hugely advantageous. 

According to an article within Applied Cognitive Psychology, a study found that the ability to work continuously was weaker in those who did not receive a break for as little as five minutes, while those who did; no matter how it was spent performed better. By introducing a retractable awning, you are encouraged to take breaks in comfortable surroundings when needed.

Allows you to binge-watch your favourite show in peace

Sometimes when you’ve had a long week, or are feeling a bit down you want to sit and watch 10 episodes of your favourite show in peace, but the glare of the sun on your TV is stopping you from truly enjoying your time off. By introducing a retractable side awning, you can limit the amount of sunlight entering your room and allow you to binge in peace.

There are also practical benefits regarding retractable side awnings, allowing you to avoid overheating in a greenhouse or limiting the amount of sun your houseplants receive in the day while you are gone.

Protects your furniture

While a much smaller benefit compared to some others, during the sunny months you may notice the paint on your conservatory furniture fading or being stained by the sun. By introducing a retractable conservatory roof, you will add a layer of protection to this furniture to give you that extra level of free time you would’ve spent repainting or looking for new furniture.

Increased home value

A stunning conservatory with a unique retractable roof can be a unique selling point to many. This bespoke structure will be a long term investment in your home that can be reflected in the valuation of your home if you ever want to sell your property.

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