Attract new customers with commercial retractable roofs

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Retractable Roof System for Lost in Brixton

When we think of retractable roofs, we often imagine them on the side of our home, shading our patio or decking. However, they are also great additions to commercial buildings, such as restaurants, cafes, bars and more! Impress your guests and attract new visitors with a retractable louvred roof that is not only practical but also uplifts and modernises the exterior of your building.

At Designer Shade Solutions, a leading designer of bespoke outdoor shading systems, we believe that thousands of businesses could benefit from retractable pergola roofs, and here are some of our reasons why.

Make more space for guests

Installing a retractable pergola roof in your outdoor area is easier than building a whole new room, yet has a similar effect. More dining space means more guests, and more guests means more profit! By having a retractable pergola roof in your beer garden, patio or outdoor seating area, you’re enlarging the space for customers to dine, drink or just relax. Without a roof, if it rains, guests would never dream of sitting outside, but with a retractable roof, they’ll be eager to get outside!

At the Lost in Brixton café, we installed fully retractable roof systems, which allow customers to enjoy the beaming sun and fresh when it’s warm, and a sealed, cosy room when it’s cold.

Allow you to enjoy outdoor scenery and views

No matter how good your business’ décor is, nothing beats natural scenery. While windows offer a slight peek of the outside world, they don’t allow you to experience nature to its full effect. With a retractable louvred roof system, your customers will have all the advantages of an outdoor dining experience, as well as the protection of a roof, just in case it starts to rain.

Vertical glass systems are also popular for allowing a full view of nature while keeping customers protected from the elements. At the Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood, we installed our retractable roof and vertical glass systems.

Fully customisable to your requirements

Designer Shade Solution’s retractable roofs in London are fully customisable and can be fitted with LED lights and even heating, to keep customers warm in the winter. There are many different types of retractable roofs to choose from, you are guaranteed to find one that will fit the aesthetic of your building. Some of the roof types include frameless retractable louvred roofs, retractable fabric roof awnings, retractable louvred roof systems with frame, retractable glass roofs, pitched retractable roof systems and more.

Attract new customers

Retractable pergola roofs look truly opulent from the outside and are sure to attract attention. A gorgeous, well-made structure will stand out and outshine the rest of the street.

Are you ready to start planning and designing your dream retractable pergola roof? Speak with our friendly team today by calling us on 0203 978 2450 or emailing

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