Uplift your garden with a modern shading system

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Retractable fabric roof

Sunshine and warm days are a bit of a rarity in the UK, meaning we are often unprepared when the sun does come out. Enjoying the sun is, therefore, a real luxury but it is still important to stay protected and find shade when possible. At Designer Shade Solutions, we have come up with some ideas to create your ideal shading spot, no matter the size of your garden. Our products allow you to shelter from the sun when needed and protect from the more common wind and rain.

Go big with retractable and tilting louvre roofs

There are many different options when it comes to sun protection in your garden, one of our most popular being the retractable and tilting louvre roofs. These shade solutions are bioclimatic, adapting to different weather conditions. So, whether that be trapping in heat when the sun is out or converting to a waterproof material when it rains, they can provide protection against all scenarios. Not only this but these retractable outdoor roofs can also be customised to fit your specification. Some optional additions include integrated LED lighting or heating so that your shading structure is functional through to the evening.

Change it up with a fabric awning

Our fabric awnings are another suitable option for outdoor shading. We have two broad types of fabric awnings: retractable fabric roofs and retractable fabric awnings.

Retractable fabric roofs offer protection against rainy showers, as well as thermal comfort, providing both shelter and visual appeal for our customers. Adding to this, our fabric roofs can be operated using radio-controlled systems, meaning that relaxing outside has never been easier. One excellent example where the fully retractable fabric roof system installed at the Dusk Restaurant in Brentwood.

Retractable fabric awnings are ideal for smaller budgets and smaller garden spaces, particularly those with a patio or terrace where an awning could be easily attached. These fabric awnings are made from a high UV resistant material, making them perfect for a garden shading spot as they not only prevent glare from the sun but prevent harm to the skin too. We sell these awnings in a range of variations including retractable half cassette awning, square cassette folding arm awning, round cassette folding arm awning and much more, allowing you to find the design suited to you and your garden.

As well as this, we also sell outdoor parasol umbrellas and custom tension fabric structures if you were looking for a simple way to incorporate shade into your garden.

What comes next?

Find out more about the wide range of shading solutions we offer and discover which is right for you by calling on +44 (0)208 145 6216 or email us at Our bespoke capabilities allow for additional features such as waterproof materials and outdoor heating systems, ensuring your shading spot is far more than just a summer trend!

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