A closer look at retractable louvre roofs

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Retractable and tilting louvre roof

At Designer Shade Solutions, we provide a wide range of retractable roof pergolas from retractable fabric roofs to retractable glass roofs, creating bespoke and innovative designs which allow you to enjoy your outdoor space in every season. Today, we are going to take a closer look at one of our modern and stylistic structures – the retractable and tilting louvre roofs, providing you with everything you need to know about these pergolas.  

Dynamic weather features 

The first thing to note about these structures is their ability to adapt to different weather conditions. Louvre roofs use a tilting panel roof that can tilt to create shade, close to protect from rain or open to increase sunlight. The roof louvre, therefore, offers versatility and comfort throughout every season. Not only this, but these structures are bioclimatic, meaning they can trap heat under the pergola when the sun is out. Their highly futuristic design clearly makes them the perfect addition to any commercial or residential property. 

Extra benefits 

As outlined above, the retractable louvre roofs have multiple weather compatibility features, but their advantages don’t stop there. When implementing a pergola with roof to your building or outdoor space, you will witness an excellent increase in your overall property value. In the hospitality sector too, more customers have been drawn into restaurants and cafes with retractable roof pergolas, subsequently increasing investment return.  

Another charming advantage of the retractable louvre roofs is that they come available in a range of different designs including the frameless retractable and tilting louvre roof, the tilting and louvre roof with frame and the retractable louvre pitched roof, providing a design aspect suitable for each individual need and requirement. Take it one step further by using our highly technical radio-controlled system to help automate the functions of your pergola. 

Make it bespoke 

A final element worth mentioning with our retractable louvre roofs is that they can be customised to fit your criteria (as can all of our other available pergolas). This could include implementing heating systems to your louvre roof for extra warmth and comfort in the winter months. Additional glass side screens can also be added to help with this sense of cosiness, and lighting can also be added for ambience and visual appeal. Speak to our team today about the bespoke services available at Designer Shade Solutions to help create your ideal shading structure. 

Our louvre roofs are evidently an excellent choice for both commercial and residential properties, increasing value, beauty, and practicality. Explore our other retractable roof structures to find which design is perfect for you or check out our retractable fabric awnings for something a little different.  

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